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UptimeInspector UptimeInspector hosts and runs monitoring software at multiple locations around the World. Nothing to download, no plug-ins to install.

Website Monitoring
Monitors website availability, content and performance. Downloads full web page or file, checks size, loading time, internal links and more.

Server Monitoring
Monitors any type of server for availability and performance. Templates for HTTP, FTP, SSH, PING, SMTP, POP3, MySQL are provided. Whenever possible, not only the server connection but also a proper response is verified.

Custom Application Monitoring
Order a custom monitoring function for your application. Our developers will add it to the monitoring network and you will be notified on application failures.

Instant Alerts
Upon failure detection UpTimeInspector sends an alert to the contacts you provide. Alerts can be sent by SMS, Phone call, ICQ, AIM, MSN Messenger and E-Mail.

Private Shell

Private Shell, a ssh client for Windows with SSH1 and SSH2 protocols support. Private Shell is a powerful and convenient tool for both novice and expert users. You can use either GUI or command line interface. The latter makes it easy to establish SSH connection by third-party application such as CVS. SSH tunneling is also available. Private Shell is able to transform remote server code page to display local characters properly on Windows system. Support for profiles allow keeping custom settings for different servers you work with, and included key agent software provides a convenient way to manage user authentification keys. System administrators will find useful a silent installation feature to install Private Shell over local network. Currently Private Shell supports DSA and RSA host key algorithms, AES, Twofish, 3DES, Blowfish, Arcfour, CAST-128 ciphers, and SHA1, MD5 MACs. It emulates many popular terminal types.

Hot Keyboard

Hot Keyboard assigns to hot keys such repetitive tasks as: frequently used text phrases or names, date/time stamps and email addressing, as well as application launches, etc. Hot Keyboard can quickly change sound volumes, and can open dial-up connections. User defined functions can be recorded and played back by Hot Keyboard. Network support: create macros once, share and synchronize them over LAN or WAN. Its many powerful features and its ease of use will make Hot Keyboard one of your favorite time savers! For Windows.

Games for Palm OS

Want to play some games on your Palm? Try our Hot Games Pack. Hot Games Pack includes: Battle City, Checkers, Pipes, Solitaire House, Xonix, Hangman, Memory Coach, Sokoban, Lines, Worm, Snake, Sea War, Paratroopers.

RoadLingua Dictionaries

RoadLingua is a dictionary shell for Palm OS, supporting multilingual dictionaries. The main features are: native support for expansion cards (CF, MMC, SD, Memory Stick), extremely fast word browsing, text compression to make dictionary fit PDA's memory, resident mode to query a word within any text application. Along with Hot Keyboard we offer wide range of free and commercial multilingual, thematic, and explanatory dictionaries. Both large dictionaries and small dictionaries for low memory devices are available.

Intelli Chess for Pocket PC

Pocket PC chess game featured with strong AI, and ability to play over the Internet. Want to play with a strong computer opponent, your friends using handheld as a chess board, or somebody from ChessClub.com being online? IntelliChess is an advanced chess game for Pocket PC offering you even more: 100% support for all chess rules, adjustable time settings and difficulty levels, opening book with 3860+ moves, multilevel undo, hints, permanent brain, save/load game with PGN support, skins. Amazing graphics makes the gameplay more attractive. Free 30-day trial version is available.

Allure Games Pack for Windows Mobile

Load your Windows Mobile PDA with a pack of high quality games! The bundle is combined to bring you fun whenever you like. It doesn't matter whether you have 5 minutes or an hour,you want to think deep or just push buttons: there are games for all your moods!

CreateSurvey web service

With this full-featured and easy-to-use system, you can create online questionnaires in a few minutes, manage and organize them, and analyze the results instantly. Free.

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